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12 August 2010 @ 09:22 pm


Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, as I mentioned earlier I will be doing a raffle for a Callie-Marie plush! Well I have decided that winner can choose between the baby seal plush or a Callie-Marie plush. This Raffle will be open to the people on my Jackaltail friend list as of today Aug 12, 2010. It's only fair since you all have been with me the longest! I will probably hold more raffles in the future for future friends but for right now I just want to thank all of you for always being there for me and for all the loving support!

So all you guys have to do is post on this entry with:

Your Name
What Plushie you would like if you win (Baby Seal/ Callie-marie)

I will put all of your names in a hat and choose one randomly on Friday Aug. 20th of next week so get those entries in!

Thanks again guys!

♥ Catsy

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12 August 2010 @ 04:30 pm

So after some deliberation I have decided to finally change usernames, not going to lie have wanted to do this for some time mostly because my photoucket has become a HUGE mess and the only way to organize it was to move photos around thus breaking every image in my journal basically =X So with out further ado welcome to my new journal! I hope you will continue to follow my crafting exploits!

I have been extremely busy as of late filling Totoro orders that I will be shipping out early next week! I ended up selling overseas for the very first time and that feels amazing! It has really encouraged me to look into getting a table at Detroits anime convention next fall in artist's alley! I have been trying a lot of new patterns to keep myself excited too and recently came up with the pattern for:

SQUIDS! err Octopi anyways but I like to call the squids lol. Anyways the pink one is "Callie-Marie" the Grey one is "Squid Vicious named by my excited boyfriend haha! I am so thrilled with how these came out and I am going to hold a raffle next week for all my LJ friends to enter the prize being a Callie-Marie! Look for the post next week =D You guys are SO great to me and always leave the most encouraging feedback not to mention I love reading all of your own entries, I just wanna hold this raffle as a small thanks for all that you guys do for me! I have done a few more plushie that I shall be posting later I hope! I have been toying with a Seal pattern and also working on Calcifur and JiJi I wanna have the patterns done soon!

I am really looking forward to this weekend, every summer my boyfriend and I go down to the Folk Festival and nom on great foods, listen to music and just in general live it up for the weekend! There is also lots of wonderful import beers to be tasted and enjoyed! I hope the weather holds and we have a warm and beautiful weekend I'll try to remember my camera and take lots of pictures to show you guys! I hope al of you have a wonderful weekend!