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A very short update


Hello everyone, schools back in an I have already been so busy! Things haven't been too bad I like 3 of my classes I may switch out of my Fibers class though. I'm not sure if I have the energy to put up with the people in it or not just yet. MY creative contemporary class is going to be wonderful I think, our first assignment is to do 100 drawings by Monday, I have 14 right now and hoping to have another 7 by the time I go to bed, we'll see. I have to give a 10 minute talk about my artwork tomorrow, I'm a bit nervous but I think ifI read from my notes and stay on track I will get through ok.

I have been making cute pearl hair flowers to spruce up my hair a bit, I'm trying to grow it out so that I can some day have long white hair like the Star from Stardust =) Does anyone else have any tricks for making your in between hair cute? 

I hope everyone else is doing well, and for those of you in class I hope you are having an easy back to school week! Here's a few images of my clips and an image I did in AI the other day, I'm getting the hang of it finally =)

 Thanks for looking ♥ Catsy

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Nicely done with that hair ornament! And I don't think I'll ever cease to be amazed at how awesome your hair is.
*^_^* Thank you! They are so much fun to wear, definitely making me blush haha!~
i hate my hair when i grow it out.
im HOPEFULLY going to bleach and dye it pretty colors this weekend or next week :3

but im trying to grow mine out too, i miss having my long hair, its so this and wavy :3

but i love wearing barrettes and bobby pins and pig tails ^_^

and Tesla looks lovely modeling your clip!
ouh I haven't done pigtails in a little while maybe I will do that tomorrow =)

Thank you! Good luck with growing your hair out and post pictures when you dye it =D

Deleted comment

Aw thank you! I hope it keeps growing like it has been =)


August 25 2010, 03:48:57 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  August 25 2010, 03:49:24 UTC

Waaaaah! The image of the stuffed animal is oh so cute! I want one!
I love that plush so much, I have 4 others ones that are similar actually! lol

Deleted comment

She's so precious *3* I can't wait until my huge skitty gets here!
The hair clip is cute!
wah you're so cutee^_^
Something I do with my hair(though I usually just do it to stop it dripping on me when it's wet but I noticed recently it has this affect..)
after you've washed it don't blow dry it.. split it into two segments twist one segment then twist it into a bun and put an elastic around to hold it in place.. do the same with the other segment.. once it's dry let it down and it should be cute curly :)
I have little daisy hair clips that I put in my hair when it's like this it looks really nice (daisys because my hairs green-blue) hah.
Also when my hairs not layered and pretty much all one length when I do this I tie a hair band to the about 3 inches above the bottom of each ^_^ maybe you could do this with some sort of cherryblossom flower band?

also salt water if you spray it on your hair after washing it and leave it to dry makes it curly.. but.. don't do that often as it's bad for your hair~
P:S my userpic is a picture taken while my hair was in the two buns(and do't leave the buns in longer than it takes your hair to dry or it'll end up TOO curly haha)