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Hey guys Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was definitely a very hot, muggy weekend here but my boyfriend and I got some fresh air at the folk festival! The festival was sort of a disappointment, it was cut down to about 1/3 its usual size! They cut a bunch of food stands and the stage that is out in a field where you can dance and lay down at the end of the day. Not to mention the remaining food stands raised their prices and many of them weren't even ethnic! I was so bummed to see big food chains like TGIFridays and Blimpies with big stands, the Thai food stand didn't make it out either and we had to go to the Middle Eastern restaurant to get food. so in any case *thumbs down* Lansing =((( Oh well we made the most of our weekend even if we spent more time inside places than outside at the festival!

I took LOTS of photos just hit the cut to see them =3

View of the street, the very EMPTY street =(

Normally our very favorite place to eat, but their burritos and Tacos cost WAY too much so we boycotted!

We get Indian from Mumbai instead, lol I love this guy he's here every year!

I get nann, and I think it is called Paneer, with white rice

My boyfriend digs in before I can get a pic haha, he got a chickpea dish. The food is goob but he can make much better for a lot cheaper too!

Later we get  Middle Eastern, we split a Falafal and Tabuli Sandwich as well as a pitcher of beer and some Pita with Hummus! This was really reasonable and filling. The guy at the table next to us talks about brewing his own beer and he splits a pitcher with us, so nice of him =)

A fountain on campus that always gets strange things dumped in it, today it is green, some times people dump laundry soap in it too haha.

 This Dog is so cute, he has a weird front paw, and watches us while we listen to music.

Later we stop and get some Bubble Tea, I order for both of us because he is never sure what to get ^_^.I order Milk Tea with Taro flavoring and Black Bubbles it was awesome and Taro is my new favorite I think. Although Red Bean is equally delicious!

The Sky is so beautiful and we roam around for a while ducking into the Arcade so I can play a little DDR, I play Butterfly, Cartoon Heroes and Blow My Whistle =)

We head back to my parents place about 12:00 after one last Raspberry Wheat beer from Harpers!

I have been keeping very busy since the festival and making lots of stuff since I go back to school next week. I've been doing mostly sewing but also a few things for myself here and there as well as some doddles. I am a little rusty with drawing because I have been doing a lot of sewing instead this summer but I threw together two images one for me and one for mariahpixie =)

This one is of me and my Skitty and Delcatty from Soul Silver =3. The Skitty's name is Tesla and the Delcatty is Prissy.

And here's the one I did for Mariah she sent me a bunch of awesome skitty doodles so  I threw this together as thanks =D

I did a little pampering for my DS, because it was looking a little dingy so here is the pouch I made and a few charms:

Charmmy Kitty and Skitty! I'll be using the two off and on so I don't get bored =D

 Made this dress to wear back to school on Monday, I couldn't afford new clothes this term so i decided to make some using old clothes and a bit of new fabric =)

Close-up on the pattern it is SO freakin cute =D

Whew! So don't forget about the raffle for the free plush that is going on until the end of this week rules and other info is available over: stardusst.livejournal.com/1120.html Thanks for taking the time to read my journal everyone! I'll post again soon ♥♥♥

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