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Hello everyone so sorry for the lack of posting! It's been a long busy stretch since my last post, the end of the term and lots of things to do over x-mas break. I have been busy with sewing and getting ready for my last year of undergraduate school.  My boyfriend and I have been talking about plans for what we will do once school is finished. He is planning on going back to school and I would love to get an entry level position at ANY video game or film production company. We've been talking about moving to California and also about teaching english in Japan or China. Of course all of this is a little far off still but I'm sure this year will go by fast what with me finishing everything up and all. 

I created a new Etsy store over break, there wasn't really anything wrong with my last store but my real name was attached to the store and I like to keep my crafts and my fine art separate. SO if any of you are interested there isn't much in there right now but a new totoro design never the less do check it out ^_^ I will be adding more things before school gets back in mostly Valentines day themed items:


A couple of dittos that I made, which recently sold they will be restocked tonight or tomorrow. I'm hoping to make some more cute pastel pokemon plush for valentines day. Not sure what else to make right now for the time being I'm just having a lot of fun making cute things and stuff I enjoy. I have made a few other plush pieces that I may use at my next BFA critique this spring. I was pretty thrilled that the dittos sold so quickly they got a lot of good feedback on tumblr and in the plush communities here on live journal. If you are interested in a smallish custom for Valentines day my customs are currently open. You can post here or visit my new store URL:


I have been steadily collecting new Pokemon plush lately. I lost focus and have picked up a few new favorite pokemon and now collect: 

This is my current collection. I have a sentret friends plush on the way. My newest plush is sort of a grail for me because I couldn't find him for so long:

Swinub! I ordered him from some site over the summer little did I know that the site was actually out of stock and I'm sorry but I refuse to pay 28.00 for such a small plush!!! I finally found him over at pkmcollectors a week ago. He is so soft and a beautifully made plush. 

Well I suppose that is all for me tonight. I really hope to be more constant with my updates. As usual I hope everyone is well and a warm welcome to any new followers! 

if anyone is interested I have a tumblr where I usually post a lot: 


xoxo Catsy



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