♥CATSY♡ (stardusst) wrote,


Tesla (big Skitty) and Prissy (little skitty) find an intriguing package today!

Me and my new Skitten  She is even better than I could even have imagined! Possibly the best thing to come home to after a super long week back at school! I have wanted this Skitty for so long ^_^ a huge thank you to everyone that bought  from my shop to make this purchase possible! And to khenemetaset for selling her to me! She even sent me some wonderful stickers that I totally freaked over =D.

Also you may remember me as Jackaltail, I have changed accounts!

Used a sticker on my DS it is sooo perfect!:

Also I got:

Gigantichu! Who sits behind my computer by day and snuggles at night I luff him! 

Now if I have purchased from you lately please let me know soI can leave good feedback for you! The small Skitty Prissy I bought from some one on here sent me the most beautiful skitty art! I would love to leave you feedback please remind me who you are =D

Thanks for looking everyone and don't be afraid to friend me if you would like I love new friends especially pokemon collector friends!


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